Saturday, October 11, 2008

IBM wants to be world premier Cloud provider!

With a flood of announcements and investments in cloud computing, it's clear the concept is more than a flash in the pan. In fact, Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions, said organizations concerned about cloud computing's disruptions would rather disrupt themselves than let another company do it for them.

"Every day that the economic crisis grows, there's going to be added emphasis on IT departments to do more for less," Gardner said. "If the delta that is the difference between what certain baseline computing functions and services cost to provide for yourself versus what you would pay on a cloud infrastructure, then any sizable delta like that can't be ignored for any given time."

IBM has significant clout in the IT and business worlds and possesses all the pieces to put together its own cloud offering. Gardner predicts a horse race to see which company can come up with the best set of business-specific and low-risk services.

"This is a substantial and potentially market-changing announcement from IBM that it takes cloud computing very seriously and it's going to be a major player and provider across what the cloud is," Gardner said. "IBM is in this to win. They want to be the world's premier cloud provider."


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