Thursday, October 02, 2008

Has VMware purchased BlueLane?

Norman , the exec who quit last month did say something about "an exciting news". Obviously that makes more sense now as our friend Greg too left the boat. A typical acquisition means, employees cash out and find other things, if they do not wish to continue with the merged parties.

Catbird would have been my obvious choice but anyways, we'll hear about that sooner or later. BlueLane had some good stuff going, its just that I didn't hear them sell as much.

Although the knickknacks have long since been packed up from VMworld earlier this month, one rumor continues to make the rounds. Several sources have indicated that VMware, the host of VMworld in Las Vegas, has acquired startup Blue Lane Technologies for about $15m. The two companies have been technology partners for more than a year, with Blue Lane’s VirtualShield integrated with VMware’s VirtualCenter.

Security and virtualization in general have been major concerns for VMware. To help shore up the hypervisor and broader virtual environment, VMware in March introduced VMsafe, a set of APIs that third-party security vendors can use to write interoperable programs. Blue Lane was one of about 20 initial partners in VMsafe, as were the security industry’s heavyweights.


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