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Boston, September 30, 2008 – Seanodes™, the creator and leading developer of Shared Internal Storage solutions, today announced that Pack Solutions, one of France’s financial advisor firms, has selected Seanodes Shared Internal Storage technology to create a shared highly reliable storage pool across the company’s one dozen Linux servers allowing future plans to deploy Xen’s virtualization platform.

Pack Solutions turned to Seanodes for a better storage solution after suffering with the limitations and reliability issues of its previous collection of a dozen application servers with direct-attached storage and NFS servers. Supporting multiple application servers and attempting to adequately provision storage capacity for each server was an overwhelming issue for which Pack Solutions lacked the equipment, expertise and budget.

The storage difficulties that Pack Solutions had to deal with are typical of what most SMB users face every day with a highly complex storage infrastructure but without the IT budget or internal storage, staff and expertise to be able to deal with the problem effectively. These businesses are often reduced to having a general network administrator deal with complex storage issues with disappointing results.

While Pack Solutions recognized the need to deploy a networked storage architecture the conventional solutions were cost prohibitive for what was required to allow the company to evolve its storage resources to adequately fit with their project and needs for new applications requirements, including Xen server virtualization solutions. Exanodes™ Shared Internal Storage solved the problem with a networked storage solution that was simple to install and manage with no need for specific storage competencies with a level of performance, reliability and scalability that was unmatched by other storage options.

According to Luca Secci, IT Manager at Pack Solutions, the company’s most critical need was for a reliable, high-availability storage solution that could assure continuous data availability in the event of server failure. But previously the only products that could produce that level of reliability were data center-type storage arrays with a price that was far beyond the company’s reach.

“Seanodes changed the game for us with their Shared Internal Storage architecture,” said Secci. “Exanodes was the only product we found that could deliver enterprise-class storage reliability and data availability but at a cost that is accessible for SMB customers. The simplicity of Exanodes has eliminated storage as a bottleneck for deploying new projects and applications, giving us the time and freedom to focus on other pieces of our infrastructure evolution.”

“The Shared Internal Storage technology of Exanodes has opened up the benefits of resilient and scalable network storage to SMB users such as Pack Solutions that were previously priced out of the market given capital costs of the hardware and software and the operational expenses of the specialized staff needed to manage the complexity of the storage environment,” said Frank Gana, Business Development Director at Seanodes. “Exanodes is a breakthrough solution that enables all customers, from SMB up to the enterprise, to maximize the ROI of their existing storage hardware by transforming internal disks of commoditized servers into a shared pool of network storage that can quickly and easily be allocated to any application on any network server, including virtual machines.”

About Pack Solutions
PACK Solutions designs savings and investment products and services for asset management firms. PACK SOLUTIONS has an innovative approach based on custom-made products proposed as a service.

About Seanodes
The creators of Shared Internal Storage (SIS), Seanodes is changing the architecture of Storage Area Networks and networked storage technology. Seanodes’ SIS platform Exanodes radically alters the economics and possibilities in data storage and application processing. Seanodes has earned multiple awards from industry analysts and the media recognizing its outstanding technology that virtualizes storage assets to convert unused internal disks and Direct Attached Storage (DAS) into a clustered shared storage array. Founded in 2002, Seanodes is headed by an accomplished team of storage industry veterans and has corporate locations in North America and Europe. More information can be found at or by calling 866-580-5515.


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