Friday, October 31, 2008

Forrester to CFO: Do Clouds coz they're fast, cheap and you can finally fire your IT staff!

OK, so obviously they said it in a more polished way. But the fact of the matter is that we are at the brink of an industry shift. This is happening and we all know it. A lot of big and established firms will be doing something fundamentally different or may totally disappear.

Anyways, here's another pitch for the Cloud:

Forrester Research has whipped up a new report that advises business managers how to sell CFOs, those folks scrutinizing the bottom lines of your businesses, on cloud computing. The report aims to provide some respite from recession fears.

Forrester analyst Ted Schadler lists three key benefits to the cloud, starting with speed. SAAS enables businesses to get up and running in a flash. The analyst said a financial services firm migrated its employee portal to a cloud-based vendor and launched it in two months, while another firm he surveyed has spent the last 18 months building its employee portal in house.

In short, the cloud is ready made. Customers don't build, they subscribe and receive services, including anything from Web conferencing and hosted e-mail, to enterprise applications such as CRM or HRM, immediately.

Two, he said businesses should ship IT tasks to cloud computing specialists who "worry about the nuts and bolts so that you don’t have to." This enables the IT staff to focus on more important business processes.

Finally, he says CFOs should be attracted to the by-the-drink payment plans of cloud computing because it keeps cash in the bank longer.


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