Wednesday, October 29, 2008

CloudCamp Cloud Computing Event in Brussels: Hurry up! First slot of 100 is full, another 25 opened!

(Update 1)

Final call!

So why should you really attend?

  • Its a very free format session
  • Many group discussions will be there (see tentative planning below)
  • Its got some really great quality, not just some free event.
  • Its definitely a lot richer than those paid events where you cannot get your ideas on the table.

So why again?

Cloud Computing is all about YOU!

The program:

4.00 pm Welcome & drink
4.30 pm Keynote: The Shi(f)t is Happening! (Tarry Singh, Technology Evangelist)
5.00 pm Keynote “Visionary” panel (Q-layer – – Flexiscale - Itricity)

5:30 pm Sponsor Lightning Talk 1: Aserver
5:35 pm Sponsor Lightning Talk 2: Quest Software
5:40 pm Sponsor Lightning Talk 3: Amazon
5:45 pm Sponsor Lightning Talk 4: Philipp Huber
5:50 pm Sponsor Lightning Talk 5: Microsoft

5.55 pm Powerbreak

6.00 pm Unconference

Introduction by Raphael Bauduin - Profoss “The Engine Behind Cloud Computing”

Attendees split up in smaller groups to discuss topics of their specific interest, moderated by volunteers.

Unconference Stuff to discuss in groups

Open source & Cloud Computing - Raph Bauduin
What are open source powered clouds worth without open data?
Does cloud computing bring new lock-ins?
AGPLv3: the best or worst license for cloud providers?

Cloud Computing for Service Providers - Arvid Fossen
How accessible is Cloud Computing today to Service Providers?
How difficult is making the mind shift from hardware to the cloud?
What are the expectations on new systems on cloud computing?
Are there applications that will never make it to the Cloud?
Are there sectors that have legal or security issues to solve before moving to a cloud?
In what timeframe do we expect to become cloud computing the major revenue driver for Service providers?

IT Management in the Cloud - John Willis
How is systems management different in the cloud for tools like monitoring, configuration, and provisioning. Open source products like Puppet, Nagios, and other well known solutions are being used to solve cloud infrastructure management. An open dialog on what works and what doesn't work might be interesting.

Cloud Computing for Pros - Tarry Singh
Pricing in the Cloud – elastic Pricing Model
Global Delivery Model and Cloud Apps - How to deliver apps globally

Cloud Computing for dummies - Tom Leyden
What is Cloud computing?
Cloud Terminology
What is the difference between public and private clouds?
Is cloud Computing so much more effective?
Who offers cloud Computing and in what form?

Building Private Clouds - Niko Nelissen
How to calculate ROI of a cloud implementation
Primary goals and benefits of an in-house cloud
How to perform internal usage based billing to business units (ABC costing)
Ability to extend the private cloud to a public cloud (e.g. for extra capacity or DR)
Greenfield deployment or cloud-enabling existing infrastructure ?

Universal Management Cloud Toolkit - Matt Rechenburg
How much automation needs a cloud ?
Which hypervisors do you see in private and public clouds ?
How many (and which) utilities do you need to manage a cloud ?
What is the status of open-source cloud computing projects ?

Register now, time is running out!

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