Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Cloud Computing: SalesForce's PaaS event in Amsterdam

I was there today in the evening and got a call from our good friend, Anshu Sharma, a SalesForce Sr. Director. Anshu quickly fixed a couple of meetings with the SF folks.

My opinion on the show:

  • Event was very well arranged. I'd give a 8.7/10 on that one!
  • I picked up two books, not just out of nostalgic reasons (loads of SQL code, its called SOQL in the books)
  • Went into a developer workshop. The presenter did all the stuff in the cloud.
  • Spoke to CODA CEO (Jeremy) and Product Director (Debbie). (I really liked their stuff and they were going live today with their software).
  • Spoke to some other vendors such as BlueWolf, Magic Software, 4C Consulting (Two soft-spoken Belgian guys but had a good customer portfolio!)
Overall a good event, its a pity that I came in a bit late. I was rushing from Data Centers and other conferences! It was worth a visit!

Do check out other roadshows!

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