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Cloud Computing: Keep it simple, stupid!

Cloud Computing is the second half of the pie that you and I are confronted with daily. We need mobility, we need fast access, we need to get off those boxes under our shelves.

There is a much bigger shift we are looking at. I've mentioned the K-wave effect, I've said on several occasions that there is a lot of innovation and talent we will be able to tap on when we have a Tap-able Cloud. That wil eventually help converge the business and IT to one whole entity I've for long been calling the "BizBulk". That massive bulk will be measured multi-dimensionally through roll-forwardable dashboards. There will be loads of intelligent software floating on the cloud. (There is already so much!).

Once the IT age would have imploded and gone back to the castles (Data Centers of biggies and wannabes such as IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, etc), all we'd be left with is a cool looking device and the big question mark on it asking you: "Where do you wanna go today?". That is the Ideation Age I am talking about!

I have envisioned many things in the past that will be evolutionary (if not revolutionary) and help us solve complex problems.

Fool's agree too:

The same logic applies to cloud computing. It is, in fact, an astoundingly good idea that's anything but perfect. Ceding local control of data means trusting faraway servers to be secure. It also means trusting that service providers will take the proper steps to keep services available. Good work is being done in both areas.

Control is the issue, Stallman says. Fair enough. I even agree; as a user, I should be fairly compensated for allowing a service provider access to my data. Cloudy upstarts that get this will flourish. Those that don't, won't.

Either way, cloud computing is still the best technology I've ever seen. It connects people in ways closed desktop systems never have. And if we've learned anything from the history of computing, it's that systems are made more powerful when people are connected to them. Cloud computing enables connectivity like no other technology before it.



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