Friday, October 24, 2008

Bill Gates working on the Ideation firm codenamed "BGC3"

Stephanie reporting:

Poor Bill Gates. He spurs the personal computer revolution. Then becomes one of the planet's largest benefactors, trying to eradicate disease worldwide. But he's still not cool. Now, he's started a new company that could be cool--because it's "mysterious." The entity, called bgC3, (for Bill Gates Company #3?) has the nerdosphere buzzing. It will "oversee Gates' personal pursuit of breakthrough ideas in science and technology," reports TechFlash, which broke the news. "You didn't think Willy G would be content fading away into the background after stepping down as the head of Microsoft, did you?" says Boy Genius Report. The new company might "be focused on creating catalyst business ideas to spin off to Microsoft, the Gates Foundation or elsewhere," speculates ReadWriteWeb. "It sounds like an intellectual romper room--a spot for Gates to extend his annual 'think week' sessions and hang out with his smart friends," posits Brier Dudley's Blog.
I've blogged about it in my CSR post (search my blog for it) on the new strategies that ex-employees will employ to help revive the economy.


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