Friday, September 12, 2008

VMworld 2008 leaks: VMware on "Configuration intelligence" with Update Manager and Virtual Center Extensions; Fortispehere CTO responds!

VMware will be talking about analytics and intelligence in its own ESX, not Data Center. Something which is the worry of a typical data center manager who has all kinds of hyprvisors and desktop and streaming virtualization technologies.

This move, although deceptive in doing the Data Center talk, only focuses on its ESX server. Since VMware hasn't found a way get out of the hypervisor arena, it will do some talk of Cloud Computing, some talk on some enhancements to its interface, some mention of ESX 4.0 beta. All some introductions with some upgrades.

Anyways here's Fortisphere CTO's response:

"I'm glad that VMware is validating the market need for better visibility, control and automation. It is a pain we are seeing in the market today (every day) and it is front and center with customers that have deployed production infrastructure. I believe the move is a positive one for traditional virtualization management companies like Fortisphere as it will eventually allow us easier, more centralized access to the underlying data we need to feed our next-generation policy engine.

VMware's move is focused on the underlying platform performance and not on traditional data-center management. Obviously, this is a critical need for them maintaining a leadership position with the ESX platform against the likes of Microsoft and Hyper-V.

We see three fundamental requirements for successful virtualization management that differentiates our strategy from VMware:

1. We are focused on pioneering policy-based automation - our policy engine is the most robust, and leading edge on the market. Their primary purpose is the platform and keeping it as the technology leader.

2. We are focused on heterogeneous and vendor agnostic solutions. VMware is focused on its platform.

3. To succeed you need to be partner focused and have extensive ecosystem integration."

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