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VMworld 2008 Las Vegas: I am not traveling, are you? What do you expect from it?

I am not traveling this time to U.S. I did get my free pass but just cannot go there as a lot is happening here in EMEA. I am helping setup the EMEA version of CloudCamp with Reuven and others here. Obviously that is taking all of my attention.

I love to meet up with all my friends and investors across the world in VMworld. Most of them stay in touch with me and I too call them up once in a while. This is a good thing. And I really hate it that I am not going to be there. But also since my session (I had some really cool one on Virtualization 4.0 and Cloud Computing) was rejected by some folks at the VMworld committee, I decided to not attend it either. It makes no sense for me to hang around there as an attendee.

I am kind of disappointed but I also understand that all those partners who have paid out of their increasingly emptying pockets must also get a session block for themselves. It is a totally different thing that not many folks will be watching them speak.

Many VMware folks too aren't allowed to travel to US and I've heard from many that it is a demoralizing thing. VMware India is sending a staff of about 25 people and EMEA is holding back its employees.

So as Cloud Computing enters center stage and as VMworld folks, so appropriately chose for the Cloud Call out can we expect some Cloud offerings since we have a Cloud Chief (Pi founder and now CEO Paul Maritz), who has replaced the Greene (Diane Greene, she really is staying low, isn't it?)?

This El Reg post suggests that VMware might be leaking some Cloud Offerings during the VMworld.

This 3Tera idea got me thinking. If 3Tera can see a need to replicate VMware-like facilities at the DC level then so can VMware and so can Microsoft. Should we quietly look out for EMC to announce VMware Cloud Edition? Ditto Cloud Hyper-V?®
While it might make the VMworld days frezied and full of fizz, all this might also die out as the reality checks in , market keeps digging to define a new bottom. Do you hget my point? No, not yet, I see. I mean, should they not make any significant announcement like reducing the prices, a Cloud OS or whatever will not make anyone's data center woes go aay that easily.

So while some of us like to speculate on the Cloud Edition being announced, I reall think that we shouldn't really bother too much about it. And also don't forget the Cloud market is a lot bigger and has bigger T. Rexes that will only ensure that further consolidation in the market will intensify, meaning expect a lot of M&A activity to come in the next 6 months.

So virtualization or Cloud. It has got to:
  • Be affordable
  • Be light weight
  • Be reliable (no developer bug fixes in data centers)
  • Be secure
  • Be compliant
give the consumer that and then we'll see about the snazzy announcements.


  1. I think the global recession in realization will have some impact on attendance, but how do you explain the 14000+ registrations?

    I will be attending as will a smaller than usual number of my customers. I expect a lot of great networking...which is central things for these types of events.

    It will be an interesting show regardless with a lot of focus on the keynote.

  2. Hi Tarry,

    Sorry you will miss the show, I know they had a lot of sessions submitted and had to reject over 2/3 of them.

    You can send your abstract to the team, and if you have a 1/2 hour presentation they will highlight it and give you a year membership to the site and all the sessions.

    At least you can access the content and get your ideas published.

    Maybe you will get selected for Europe in Feb.



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