Saturday, September 20, 2008

VMware: Investors worry as key employees starting leaving

With Chan, VP Product Development, also quitting. Investors are extremely anxious what will happen to VMware's IP. after all the brains that made all those softwares is what you need in this extremely hostile market conditions.

Analysts have said investors are concerned that more key employees will leave in the wake of the executive departures.

"We're obviously sorry to see Paul go, but turnover is inevitable at any company. VMware is putting initiatives in place to retain key employees," Gallo said.

On Sept. 9, the company announced the resignation of its chief scientist, Mendel Rosenblum. A co-founder of the company, he is also the husband of co-founder Diane Greene, who was replaced as chief executive in July.

On Sept. 2 VMware disclosed that its top executive for product development, Executive Vice President for Research and Development Richard Sarwal, had left less than a year after being recruited away from Oracle Corp.


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