Friday, September 12, 2008

VMware apologizes again! but why again?

I really don't get it. Why apologize again? I am really begin to wonder if more things are about to happen soon. We'll soon find out why they're doing that, as of now it seems so amateurish! I think a lof of folks are confused with the VMware camp and really didn't know what they had to say to Mendel's departure.

VMware quickly developed workarounds and fixes and Maritz issued a mea culpa letter. But then Sarwal went nine months after joining VMware, to be quickly followed by Greene's husband and co-founder, Mendel Rosenblum, VMware's chief scientist. This was an expected departure but the timing is not good and sours things for Maritz.

He's decided it's necessary to issue a second apology to customers and to emphasise VMware's credentials as a mission-critical software supplier. The letter states: "we have initiated a major examination and evaluation of our product release and quality assurance processes. This effort has yielded a number of areas for improvement, and we have already begun making needed changes. "


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