Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oracle enters Appliance market with Exadata!

SAN FRANCISCO -- X has arrived and it's an appliance.

Hyped and kept under wraps for months and promoted here with banners proclaiming, "The X is coming," Oracle CEO Larry Ellison unveiled his company's foray into hardware during a keynote at Oracle OpenWorld.

The result of three years of development with HP, Oracle revealed the Exadata product line, which includes the HP Oracle Database machine and HP Oracle Exadata Storage Servers.

"We really need much more performance out of our databases than we currently get," Ellison said. "Information is proliferating at an astonishingly high rate. The disk storage system available today simply cannot cope with data that has to move. Large databases are tripling in size every two to three years. That creates a fundamental problem. They can't move that data off the disks fast enough."

The result is a "data bandwidth problem" moving data between the storage arrays and database servers. The answer, according to Ellison, is either to reduce the amount of data moving between the storage system and the database servers or to build wider, faster pipes and more of them. Oracle and HP have done both, he said.

The Exadata programmable storage server includes two Intel processors, each with four cores, with up to 12 terabytes of raw storage.


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