Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Making of my Cloud Computing prezo

I know, no big deal. But I've been talking about Cloud Computing for quite a while before I really realized that I was indeed talking about Cloud computing for a while. Now I am talking about it more consciously though and that's what I meant by it.

Looking back at some of my Virtualization articles at CEB/ITtoolbox you'll realize that we have been talking about a lof of it. In a seprate post I will outline that here and we will continue with the series, see all my posts there. We will continue with the Cloud Predictions on my newly hosted site called (which I will soon get developed and move my blog there). I do love my blog here and being hosted by Google but I cannot attract advertisers here.

Anyways, here I'm working on my slide of Cloud Computing and Security/Compliance. A sneak peak at the first slide, up there.

More will follow soon. We'll do my session/note on our upcoming series at CloudCamp and other cloud events across the world.

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