Friday, September 19, 2008

Indian Market finally opening up for Virtualization?, Gartner believes so

Naveen Mishra, Senior Analyst-Servers of Gartner finds that the market size is very small at this point in time, but the growth in the coming months and years will be rapid. While there is no sequential pattern observed in the adoption of virtualization-no pattern exists for server, storage, desktop, application or other infrastructure virtualization-a close observation shows that it is primarily servers that have caught up and storage virtualization is witnessed in the datacentre environment in the Unix space. However, the emerging trend is x86 server virtualization, which most companies including Sun Microsystems, IBM, HP, VMWare, Microsoft, Citrix etc., are driving consciously with their products and solutions. The virtualization scenario is currently purely need-based and is a priority area for CIOs for areas where it proves itself with benefits. For instance, at Gati Ltd., G S Ravi Kumar, CIO has gone in for storage virtualization as a first step. "The reason for opting for storage [virtualization] first was that my data is increasing and there is a need to buy more storage boxes. Hence, if I virtualize,about 12 terabytes of storage into a single box, I can add all my existing primary storage and other storage into that without any additional cost, not having to invest on additional storage," he says.

As per IDC, with the adoption of virtualization technology, utilization rates for x86 systems have jumped from less than 10 percent to a far healthier 30 to 50 percent. Analysts also report that virtualization will rise dramatically through 2010. More than 1.7 million servers will be shipped for virtualization activities, resulting in 7.9 million logical servers. This represents 14.6 percent of all physical servers in 2010, compared with just 4.5 percent of server shipments in 2005.


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