Thursday, September 18, 2008

VMworld 2008 Vegas: Hyper9's CEO interviewed!

Q: Tell us about Hyper9?

A: Hyper9 is a company that is dedicated to helping ease the complexity of virtualization management. Our product automates and consolidates many of the manual processes that VI administrators confront in their daily routine. Manual processes such as console hell -- the experience of having 25-40 consoles open on a single screen in order to diagnose and solve problems such as performance issues. Virtualization administrators are also forced to use multiple spreadsheets to keep track of virtual machines, and then have to use a manual process like a hierarchical tree view in order to find VMs. Ultimately, we are trying to address those issues that cause VI administrators the greatest amount of pain; and we will continue to evolve the product to solve an even greater number of problems as they occur in the maturing virtualization market.

Q: What are you announcing at VMworld 2008 in Vegas?

A: We are launching the first Beta version of our Hyper9 solution for VI admins which will provide a view into their entire virtual environment, data and history, by leveraging a unique search-based platform that we've designed. We'll also be announcing our "Rock Star" beta release program, and qualifying organizations for inclusion into this limited, private Beta at the show.

Q: Why are analytics and Google-like search functionality increasingly important in a Data Center?

A: Well, those are important when you consider that we leverage a greater amount of data to be able to give the insight and control the VI administrator needs for their virtual environment. But you also need relevant data that you can't currently get in today's management tools. Once you have that data, you then need an efficient way to access it and using tools such as search are the best way. You also need analytics to compare and contrast VM instances so that you can take actions to remedy what you found.

Q: How does it feel to be a startup in this overheated virtualization market?

A: The management problem needs this kind of hyper attention. Otherwise without comprehensive management, we won't see a widespread adoption of virtualization. In our particular space, we enjoy the validation and motivation that competition brings.

Q: How do you plan on getting your message out in such a crowded space?

A: We think the combination of solving the immediate needs of an admin, while providing a product platform that that you can build upon is compelling. Ultimately, it's your customers that get the message out.

Q: How are sales? Are there any EMEA and APAC customers as well?

A: Currently, we are in beta and we have many customers both in the U.S. and EMEA. We are just beginning conversations with Asian based customers.

Q: Can we expect more news from Hyper9?

A: Hyper9 has only just started to reveal the tip of the iceberg of the problems we plan to solve, and who knows what other opportunities that may spawn. This is a wild, untamed opportunity for us all.

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