Monday, September 15, 2008

Cloud Computing Management Tool openQRM 4.1 is ready; Supports KVM Virtualization!

The openQRM-Team is happy to announce the 4.1 version of the Data-Center Management platform.

After the initial 4.0 release of the "next generation" of openQRM, re-written in PHP, the new release comes with some nice new features.
e.g. support for KVM-Virtualization was added and an image-shelf plugin now provides ready-made and ready-to-deploy server-images to get started easily. The 4.1 version also provides lots of usability-enhancements, shorter GUI-sequences, meaning less mouse-clicks), some security- and other bug-fixes as documented in our bug-tracker.
Another cool feature was added by request, making it possible to set the root-password for a server-image via the GUI.

Binary packages (RPM and DEB) for Centos 5, openSuse 10.3, Debian 4.0 and Ubuntu 8.04 are available at :

and the Changelog at :

We hope you enjoy this fresh release !

Go and participate in the Cloud!

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