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Satyam Foundation launches CSR in Vizag!

Satyam Foundation’s CSR activities in Visakhapatnam began in February 2008, when initiatives to help local communities were taken up as part of Satyam’s 20-year anniversary celebrations. Today’s launch will reinforce those efforts to enable social transformation in and around the city.

Initial efforts in Vizag include encouraging volunteerism and creating enabling platforms, alliances, and partnerships with the community, NGOs, government agencies, and businesses. These efforts will help identify and prioritize Satyam Foundation programs, which extensively leverage key Satyam differentiators, such as technology, innovation and leadership

“Wherever Satyam has a significant presence, we lead programs that serve both the corporation and society,” said Naveen Yelloji, the chief executive officer and director of Satyam Foundation. “The incubation of the Call 104 Health Helpline and the subsequent scaling up of comprehensive health services to all residents of Andhra Pradesh are excellent examples of the work we do.”

In addition to its headquarters in Hyderabad, Satyam Foundation now has six chapters in India. They are in Bengaluru, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Gurgaon, Pune and Vizag. Efforts to open chapters in Australia, China, the UK and US are under way.

Satyam Foundation is the largest corporate volunteering program in India, and has been the largest corporate blood donor to the Red Cross in India for the last four years. The Foundation won the Business World FICCI-SEDF 2006 Award for Best Corporate Citizen, and the TERI Corporate Award in 2006-2007 for CSR activities.

For those who didn't know, I grew up in Vizag (I spent 3rd grade till 9th grade in this beautiful part of South India and studied at Kendriya Vidhalaya, Malkapuram).

Hmmm...Always a very special place in my heart, Vizag.

Anyways here's the Satyam news!

Some beautiful pics from Vizag:

The seaport:

Fishermen (with a prize catch):

...and my favorite, the railway station (Every year we did a 3 day train trip from Vizag to Delhi to see my grand parents and the reast of the family. My dad was a Naval Officer and worked in MES, Vizag)


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