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CDNetworks & Nirvanix work together to a Global Delivery Cloud network!

State-of-the-art digital media storage and global CDN technology reduce costs, improve performance and provide massive scalability for
content-rich Internet companies

San Jose, CA and San Diego, CA – June 23, 2008 – CDNetworks (KOSDAQ: 073710), a top-three global, full-service content delivery network (CDN) and Nirvanix, a premier global “Cloud Storage” platform provider optimized for media, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver the industry’s only unified cloud storage and content delivery service. Available immediately, CDNetworks’ customers will be able to store unlimited amounts of protected and secure content online and move content instantly to and from any of CDNetworks’ 63 nodes worldwide at previously unseen economies. The partnership with CDNetworks will provide Nirvanix customers with the ability to not only securely store massive amounts of media and content but also stage content for instant delivery anywhere in the world, utilizing one of CDNetworks’ data centers for local delivery. By combining these services, companies will have better overall media delivery capability and also save 80 to 90 percent over building or growing storage infrastructures of their own.
“Maximizing the monetary value of all digital content is a requirement for all companies, but is especially critical for companies in the entertainment and e-learning industries. They need solutions that allow them to quickly deliver the latest popular content while also making rich pools of archival content available for discriminating customers,” said Richard Villars, Vice President for Storage Systems research at IDC. “The combination of solutions like Nirvanix's cloud-based Storage Delivery Network with a content delivery network like CDNetworks will make it easier for content owners to cost-effectively make all of their content available to the widest range of customers.”
CDNetworks Library Storage solution provides CDNetworks’ customers with geographically redundant storage nodes with no file size limitation and 100 percent content offload from their origin servers to the cloud. This secure and redundant edge-storage is particularly beneficial to companies with massive amounts of online video and data files. Storing all content on the cloud brings significant efficiencies, particularly when compared to building and delivering content from an in-house infrastructure on a global scale. The architecture that results from this partnership is a model whereby CDNetworks’ caching infrastructure is unified with the persistent storage of Nirvanix. As the demand and popularity for a piece of content changes, the data is moved between cache and cloud storage.

Typically, online storage services significantly limit the ability to store infrequently accessed content and restrict file sizes to a few gigabytes. In addition, media files are often only stored at one or two locations. The CDNetworks Library Storage solution does not put any of these restrictions on customers.

“The combination of CDNetworks and Nirvanix brings today’s content-rich companies a secure and efficient way to offload their infrastructure for content storage and delivery, allowing them to focus entirely on the content itself,” said Simon Lee, CEO of CDNetworks U.S. “This collaboration with Nirvanix demonstrates CDNetworks’ continued efforts to provide industry-leading technology solutions that help our customers dramatically improve their content delivery performance and reduce costs, while optimizing their end users’ online experiences.”
As a leader in the cloud storage sector, Nirvanix provides a global cluster of storage nodes collectively referred to as the Storage Delivery Network (SDN), powered by the proprietary Nirvanix Internet Media File System (IMFS). The SDN is optimized for media and intelligently stores and processes storage requests in the best location in its global network to provide the best performance and highest availability. With automatic data replication based on a selectable policy, the SDN is the only cloud storage service that can guarantee a 100% SLA.
“The integration of our Storage Delivery Network into CDNetworks’ leading CDN service is a great win for media and content-rich companies,” said Patrick Harr, founder and CEO of Nirvanix. “We founded Nirvanix to provide media companies with the most cost-effective, high performance media storage service with global on-demand scalability to exabytes of content. By combining the advantages of our SDN with CDNetworks’ CDN service, customers can now benefit from the only end-to-end platform service that intelligently stores and delivers all their content, including short and long-tail, at price, scale and performance points not available before.”
CDNetworks brings extensive data security and copyright protection to all content delivered though its service. Digital Rights Management encrypts multimedia content and only allows playback for authorized users, while the Media Authentication technology prevents unauthorized users from viewing streaming multimedia content by assigning access privileges. Additionally, CDNetworks’ Recording Interception capability prevents the recording of streaming media content for illegal distribution by terminating the download of distorting images when illegal recording is detected.

About Nirvanix

Privately held Nirvanix, based in San Diego, California, is the premier global “Cloud Storage” platform provider optimized for media and large files. The company has raised more than $18 million in funding from world-class investors including Intel Capital and counts as customers Fortune 50, leading media and entertainment companies as well as innovative Web 2.0 leaders. For more information about the company and its services, visit
About CDNetworks

CDNetworks, a top-three global, full-service content delivery network (CDN), provides technology, network infrastructure, and customer services that accelerate the delivery of Internet content and applications to end users around the world. CDNetworks provides a comprehensive suite of technology for video streaming, large-volume-files downloads, and image caching, which delivers unparalleled quality of performance, service, and reliability. World-leading media and entertainment, technology, retail, and online gaming companies rely on CDNetworks to optimize their end users’ online experiences. CDNetworks, founded in 2000 in Seoul, Korea, has subsidiaries in the US, China and Japan and is publicly traded on Korea’s KOSDAQ exchange (KOSDAQ: 073710). For more information, please visit:


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