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Automate your data center with iWave automator!

Leading provider of IT integration software enters IT process automation (run book automation) market with the release of iWave Automator

iWave Software, a leading provider of IT integration software, today announced its entry into the IT process automation market with the introduction of iWave Automator.

iWave Automator provides organisations with an enterprise-class platform to automate data centre support processes (run book automation) and to integrate IT system management (ITSM) applications. Leveraging iWave's 15-year history of providing integration software, iWave Automator enables IT organisations to automate, standardise and enforce best practices, lowering their operating costs and improving application availability, while maintaining compliance in their virtualised and physical data centres.

"iWave's entry into IT process automation is a natural extension for the company, building upon our deep domain expertise and proven success helping leading companies worldwide automate and integrate the systems used to manage IT infrastructure," said Brent Rhymes, president of iWave Software.

"iWave Automator provides users with a graphical, easy to use install and configure experience, while delivering the same stable and secure integrations on which our customers have come to depend, but with the added built-in benefit of process automation. The newest generation of iWave integration software enables our customers to take automation beyond the physical data centre by extending delivery to their virtualised environments."

iWave Automator provides IT administrators with two options for automating their virtual or physical data centre environments. Administrators can use iWave's graphical process design environment to create automations specific to their organisation's unique business needs. They also can implement iWave Accelerators, pre-built IT automation workflows that automotive specific tasks using ITIL compliant processes.

iWave Automator's flexible architecture offers failover, process scaling, guaranteed delivery and the ability to install on multiple platforms with multiple vendor software applications. The platform consists of the following components:

* iWave Adapters: iWave offers over 40 pre-built adapters for IT service management (ITSM) applications. iWave Adapters support all of the popular ITSM applications that span the ITIL Service Support disciplines including service desks, event, problem, change, configuration and release management.

* iWave Accelerators: iWave Accelerators are pre-built workflows that administrators can download and import into their iWave Automator environments. iWave Accelerators help administrators automate common IT management tasks including virtual server management, configuration and compliance management.

* iWave Designer: A graphical user interface that provides administrators the tools required to create IT process automation workflows and integrations quickly and easily.

* iWave Management Console: A Web-based console that provides administrators the ability to monitor the health of the iWave Automator environment as well as their ITSM workflows and integrations.
For more information about iWave Software or iWave Automator visit

About iWave Software

iWave Software provides software products to integrate, automate and orchestrate IT service management processes including incident, problem, configuration, release and change management (as defined by the ITIL). For the past 15 years, global firms, such as Raymond James, IGT, the European Patent Office and others, have leveraged iWave Software's products to streamline their IT support while improving quality of service and lowering operating costs.

iWave Software, LLC is a spin-off of Skywire Software, LLC, a global enterprise software company serving the insurance, financial services, legal and professional services industries. Headquartered in Frisco, Texas, iWave Software is a privately-held subsidiary of Hall Financial Group, a $2 billion private, diversified financial firm.


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