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Simon Crosby, Citrix CTO komt naar NGN evenement!

Wil je meer weten over Citrix Virtualisatie? Dan vergeet niet om aan te melden. De programma ziet er als volgt uit:

8.30 welcome

9.00 - 10.15 : What’s up about Xen?

- Welcome & Opening by Ed Bezooijen or Werner van Unen:
What is Citrix aiming for with the incorporation of Xensource? Is Citrix in fact ‘the oldest virtualization company’? Outlook on Citrix’strategic direction with Xensource 10 minutes

- Sander van Vugt:
Why Xen is the real thing for real men and the other solutions more like toys for boys. Do you need to be a CLP to be able to work with Xen? 20 minutes

- Simon Crosby:
Why the merger with Citrix makes sense from a technological point of view. What are the technical advantages for the IT Manager / system administrator in working with Xen? 45 minutes

10.15 – 10.45 Coffee break & Fresh Air

10.45 - 12.00 How Xen will conquer & virtualize the world – Simon Crosby

An in-depth technical overview about Xen & how things work differently than on other platforms like VMWare. E.g: How does Hypervisor function & why is that technically better? Why should the IT-world convert into Xen? Mission impossible? Is Xen only to virtualize Linux?

12.00 – 12.45 Lunch

12.45 - 13.30 Virtualization with XEN and High Availability – Peter Bats (Team Leader SE XenServer Benelux & Southern Europe) & Sander van Vugt

Sander will wake the audience after siesta & show how Novell and Red Hat already have the solution(s) on an Open Source way into High Availability computing. Those solutions are ‘free-ware’. Why should the system administrator pay Citrix if the same functionality is offered free of charge by Novell and Red Hat?
After Sander Peter Bats will talk about high availability – and we can pull Simon on stage again at the end of this session to give comments.

13.30 - 15.00 Desktop virtualization – Simon Crosby & Alex Warmerdam

Alex will kick off with the basic concept of VDI in the point of view of VMWare. What are the tips and tricks they have so far. Making it possible for Simon to react on this high profile issue. What is / will be the Xen solution to the VDI issue? What is Citrix’ roadmap to this (and application streaming)? Terminal server & the next Presentation Manager?
Followed by a real live demo after the initial kick off of this slot by Alex; Andreas van Wingerden (Manager Systems Engineering Benelux) and Stefan Pieters (Systems Engineer) of the new XenDesktop which was received enormously positive at a series of Citrix customer and partner events in April Working with an PDA and MAC in a Windows VDI.

15.00 -15.30 Tea and Fresh Air

15.30 - approx 16.30 : Q&A by Simon & Sander & Alex Warmerdam
Everything you allways wanted to know about Xen but were afraid to ask. When the audience is too scared than Sander&Alex will interview Simon & ask him the nasty things. Simon will convert Alex from a VMWare-adept to a Xen believer …

16.30 …. Free Beer, Cranberry juice and small bytes.

Nu inschrijven!


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