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IGEL Introduces Uniquely Stylized Desktop Appliance Supporting Citrix XenDesktop

Thin Client Leader's Full Product Line Transforms into Citrix
XenDesktop-Tuned Appliances with the Click of a Button

Reading, UK: May 20th 2008- IGEL Technology, the world's third largest
thin client vendor, today announced that it will demonstrate one of the
first prototypes of a Citrix XenDesktop(tm)-tuned Appliance in a
stylized form factor at Citrix Synergy(tm), May 20-23, 2008 in Houston,
TX. A Citrix partner for more than ten years, IGEL is also outfitting
its entire product line with IGEL's One-Click-XenDesktop Appliance
Feature, which means the company will offer the world's largest range of
appliances that support Citrix XenDesktop with 22 models.

At Synergy, Citrix will release its Citrix Ready(tm) desktop appliance
specification with the aim of defining a new class of devices
specifically designed to deliver a full desktop experience when
connecting to Citrix XenDesktop in a VDI environment. These devices are
geared towards those customer scenarios which represent the main target
market for XenDesktop, namely knowledge workers accessing a corporate
desktop from a LAN-connected device. The specifications for a stylized
device make the access of virtual PCs a more aesthetically appealing and
"cool" experience, and include an integrated, widescreen, flat panel
monitor with swivel and height adjustment features and a single cable
connection. Citrix customers will be able to see the world's first
public demonstration of IGEL's exciting new product in the IGEL booth
#102 at Citrix Synergy, where the companies will be demonstrating a
prototype of the IGEL 19" widescreen Elegance unit, which includes an
embedded desktop receiver for XenDesktop.

In addition, IGEL is integrating a software switch into all of its
products that allows customers to transform their thin client into a
XenDesktop-tuned appliance with one simple click. "The integration of
IGEL's One-Click-XenDesktop Appliance Feature into our standard firmware
gives our customers the freedom of choice within every environment,"
said Dirk Doerdelmann, engineering director at IGEL. "Now users will be
able to effortlessly switch any IGEL device into 'XenDesktop' mode and
fully access their Citrix-hosted virtual PC."

The integration of this feature will begin with IGEL's upcoming Linux
firmware release, scheduled for Q2 2008, and continue with the release
of its Microsoft(r) Windows(r) XP Embedded and Microsoft(r) Windows(r)
CE firmware shortly thereafter.

"The pairing of Citrix XenDesktop technology with IGEL's innovative
desktop appliances provides users with a more secure, cost-effective and
environmentally-friendly solution that offers the same performance as
traditional desktop PCs," said Mick Hollison, vice president of product
management, Desktop Delivery Group, Citrix Systems. "IGEL has
collaborated with Citrix through the Citrix Ready desktop appliance
program to develop its stylized appliances that are tuned to XenDesktop.
Together, XenDesktop and IGEL provide the ability to deliver a superior
desktop experience to end users."

"We believe that the Citrix desktop appliance specification will offer
users the easiest and most seamless way for accessing their virtual
desktops," Doerdelmann continued. "We are proud to not only have the
largest range of access appliances that support Citrix, but also be one
of the first to demonstrate and offer customers hardware that fulfills
the new XenDesktop-tuned appliance specification for accessing their
virtual PCs."


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