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Hot News Flash: Sun Acquires Parallels!

Looks like that Parallels IPO won’t be happening after all. Sun Microsystems has today announced it has reached an agreement to acquire Parallels (formerly SWsoft) and all of its assets for a whopping $ 205 million. The major acquisition had been rumoured to be imminent throughout the course of 2007, but never actually went through, which led mosts analysts to believe the Herndon, VA-based company was heading towards an IPO following in VMware’s footsteps rather than being picked up by one of the big boys.

Needless to say, the acquisition is a pretty bold one, which is bound to serve as wake-up call for the entire virtualization industry. Both companies had been on a buying spree the past few months: Sun picked up innotek / VirtualBox, while Parallels recently acknowledged its January acquisition of ModernGigabyte. The acquisition is expected to be finalized by June, around the time Sun also plans to ship xVM Server.

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  1. You sure this is real or is it an april fools hoax? I hear it is not true.


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I'm glad that this controversy is over (for now). This has dragged along enough.

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Life'd For Life

I am , I am
crimson blue, reddish blue
We are, We are
and I don't have a clue

Happened one day, someday
to you, to me, from you
Meteoric event, so calm
embedded deep in blue

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winds billowing in my head
shredding my eardrums
sound garden, not this
precious madness this

echoes in the cerebra
resurrection time …