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Global Sourcing India Tales: While you were sleeping...

Just to talk about the technology trends and adoption in India. We will cover other sectors of the industry as well in the "Globalization India Tales Series" . So lets talk about virtualization here.

Virtualization is hot. Virtualization is being discussed across the globe. But did you know that...

  1. India is adopting virtualization at a very fast pace?
  2. Indian virtualization solutions providers such as HP are virtualizing major clients in UK, US within half a day!!!!?
  3. Virtualization solutions providers are not just going for the U.S and EU customers but are beginning to already create and carve up their own niche?
  4. Many solutions providers are incresingly going after the models where European and U.S firms are spending too much time in their board rooms?
  5. Soon they are bound to out-wolf the rest of the market because they are constantly on move?
  6. Many large Indian firms are already going for a self-sufficiency model where they are training hordes of their employees for a bigger fight?
  7. China too is picking up and going for this market?
  8. Everyday some deployment is taking place in India and outside of India (via India)?
  9. Microsoft is coming is a bigger way in India than elsewhere with its Hyper-V?
  10. Battle to retain professionals is intense in that market?
While we are witnessing all the henpecking amongst vendors, the Indian market is growing rapidly. If we don't act soon, we might be too late


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