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Global Sourcing India Stories: Its not about cost, its about talent and global resourcing!

After not having been in India for 10, yes TEN years, I was very curious to what has happened to the land of my origin. I do (BTW) speak fluent Hindi and several other dialects.

So as it turns out, India is growing massively. A bit too fast for my tastes but still its growing alright. We had to go there as our sales pipe was rotund and aching. We needed people and we could get them here. We needed hardworking people but couldn't just keep them here. We needed people but were tired of retention, whining and all other things that come when the sourcing world starts to lure you away and east you go!

So its not about the cash, that thin competitive edge is increasingly disappearing. Soon we may find our way to Africa (I also have trained and prepared some workforce in Africa, look for my other posts here), S. America and the Eastern Europe until all the jars (read continents) have leaked equally and the four legged elephant (read global economy) is standing stable on its four feet.

So when we reach there, we will soon have to compete on out intelligence. Today its merely mad rush. In India, you'd be a farmer with loads of dead land and it gets bought by a large MNC who is looking for a competitive edge from its competitors by building large complexes to house its employees in soem remote town in India. When all that would have taken place (and lets hope that we don't get into some man made and man forced catastrophe like War or something, though we will experience far reaching effects of this frenzied heating up (literally and metaphorically), food shortage, diseases, social morality etc etc), then we are bound to rely on our intelligence.

Has India changed for that matter?

I don't know. Have the folks out there gotten any smarter than the rest? We'll find out for sure. What we do know is that the world is pumping loads of cash into India and China, and we are seeing some novo-super economic powers racing for the top spot.

Anyways having worked with over 40 nationalities over a career of almost 2 decades, I was sure to turn rock into gold. Thats why I went there. I didn't go there for the money, I know exactly how to mould these young and dynamic professionals into hard-core professionals. We went there, we trained the staff and we succeeded.

India (and China) are two very promising countries where we will also be looking at senior positions such as Architects, Designers and even Game Designers, my old school mate and friend too has started a firm and these guysare into gaming, they are called Lakshya Digital. So I see lot of that work, creation and self-sufficiency to go there and stay there. All the cool stuff which was today the legacy of the western world is going to China and India. Or should I say back to China and India?


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