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VMworld Europe 2008 Interviews: Industry Experts Alex Pelster, David Marshall and Mike Laverick discuss virtualization and future market trends!

This is, in my opinion, the most engaging discussion of all the discussions I have engaged in. Who did participate? This video is very refreshing and thought provoking. You must watch it!

Mike Laverick: Mike is a trainer and is also co-authoring the ADTG Part Deux with Scott and Ron, hopefully the book will get out in April. And I am secretly hoping to get a free copy. But hopnestly I'll buy the book as these guys have been doing a great job. Also please visit Mike's RTFM site and do please also contribute to his blog by throwing in few bucks for all the ahrd work this guy has put in.

David Marshall: Another hardcore professional, who has been into virtualization for quite a while. I have been communicating with David for quite a while and it was real fun to have finally met him. David has written a book, blogs on Infoworld and owner of . David too is working on his book on VI3.

Alex Pelster: A long time veteran at AtosOrigin and a virtualization nut at heart. He has been evangelizing virtualization internally within AtosOrigin as well as externally and providing solutions to clients with all his heart. He's also my colleague, BTW ;-). Alex had lot of insightful things to share, which you can obviously see in the videos as well.

Me: I'm the best out there and you all know it...just kidding ;-)

Part 1:

Part 2:

I would have loved to also have met guys like:

Duncap Epping: I called him but he was not feeling that well. I prefer to follow Duncan's site when I or my team have something to share. Duncan is adding a lot of relevant stuff to his blog, Yellow Bricks.
Massimo: He was at the IBM stall and we missed him. He's well known as king at the VMware community. I really regretted it as I checked on him later and got to know that he was around. Well, we'll do something, on a much grander scale, I can promise you that, in Vegas! Massimo does an excellent job at IT 2.0 blog.
Kevin Lawton: I did meet him eventually but we couldn't link up in time to have Kevin on board as well at the discussion. I did finally manage to catch Kevin. Kevin is the father of virtualization and the inventor of BOCHS, the open source IA-32 emulation project. Kevin also sits as a distinguished member in the Advisory board of Avastu. Me and Kevin chatted up for quite a while and discussed some really cool things.

New folks:

Sunder Paraweswaren, Sr. Product Manager at Symantec: Great guy. Lots of cool ideas and a really bombaywallah ;-). Finally I could speak to someone in Hindi.

Tamar Newberger: Real fun woman and a great professional. An all rounder and avid Obama fan. Well she has got to be, they are friends! Also Tamar is VP at Catbird.
Greg Ness: Greg is a real fun guy to talk to. A visionary and has tremendous knowledge. Greg is VP at Blue Lane.

Richard Garsthagen: Not new to me but I was glad to have met him. Richard is Sr. Evangelist at VMware. WE have interviewed Rich as he has slogged his backside organizing VMworld. He also runs his

Mike Grandinetti: VP at Virtual Iron and distinguished lecturer at MIT. Meeting like-minded people is a real heart warming experience. Mike has great ideas and teaches entrepreneurship at MIT. I told Mike I'd want to have him give some guest lectures in Holland as well. My past employer, University are looking for distinguished lecturers and Mike definitely is the guy.

Simon Crosby: A true gentleman and absolutely passionate about what he does. You know something, it is really great to have met these people. Simon is CTO Virtualization at Citrix. He led XenSource before they decided to get acquired by Citrix.

Mike Neil: Virtualization lead at Microsoft. Humble and a devoted individual. We were glad to have interviewed him. Thanks to Patrick for arranging that.

and many others from Startups space (VMlogix, Embotics, etc) to established firms like Citrix, Microsoft, Dell, Intel, HP, IBM, ClearCube, CirBA etc. Too many to quote here.

There are obviously a lot of guys who I'd have love to meet like David Davis, John Troyer, Eric Sloof etc, list can go on and on. Too many peers I would have loved to meet and share so much information.

These videos were done for


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