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Ideation Series coming soon!

While on my flight from Cannes to back home. I was reading an article in the Financial Times (dated 29th Feb 2008). It stated that much of the idea packaging comes from U.S. Americans have become the masters in packaging ideas and selling it. Europeans don't, it stated. I somehow disagreed with the statement, not wholly though, as I must say that we don't have that vibrant Silicon valley, like they have in U.S.

Well I believe that the packaging is an art but if at a certain point in time, it becomes monotonous, then anyone in Chile can do it too. (With all due respect to all the Chileans who are "Out-of-the-box" ideationists).

That is not why I was prompted to begin with my series here, I was thinking about some very interesting discussions I've had with several folks in the industry and thought of something on the M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions). I decided to write down some sort of a "bounded awareness" aware checklist(s), during my two hour flight, I know my colleagues must be thinking I'd gone mad as I suddenly started jotting it all down on the FT newspaper. Anyways I just thought of some key pointers that I had to share with the industry. And more so as we will see a lot of M&As in the coming months to come, not just in technology but all over the place, as the world economy pushes us to go global, we have to find ways to compete effectively in this increasingly horizontal global economy.

I'll make the ideas conversational, I'll draw some nice diagrams (as I'm working on this checklist to help firms move from a 2-dimensional fact-based growth model to 3- and even multi-dimensional pattern-based growth model) and will do so as soon as I have my Mac Book :-)

Keep watching this space...


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