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VMware refreshes its VIP program

Matt Piercy, channel director for Northern EMEA at VMware, said: “2007 was a year for recruiting partners and 2008’s main focus will be investing in existing partners, staying attractive to them and accelerating their performance.”

Sweetners include enterprise partners being rewarded for influencing deals ­ a benefit previously only given to Premium VARs.

“Whether a Premium or Enterprise partner wins or loses, it will get an incentive for influencing the deal. The deal size has also changed. It used to be an account of more than $20,000 (£10,200) that received an incentive, but this has been reduced to include those accounts up to $10,000,” Piercy explained.

VMware also claimed to have boosted marketing and training support for its partners.
Piercy stressed that a partner feedback survey conducted in 2007 spurred the changes to the VIP programme, not the emergence of competitors in the virtualisation space.


and VMware's press:

The improved benefits now available to all new and current members of the VMware VIP Partner Program include:

  • Enhanced benefits with advantage + incentive program: All VMware VIP partners can now participate in the advantage + incentive program at different levels. The advantage + program delivers best-in-class margin enhancements to VMware VIP partners and is designed to help reward the partner’s investments when proactively selling VMware products and solutions. The VMware VIP Partner Program rewards VMware VIP partners with a combined up-front discount and back-end rebate program when selling into new accounts, registering new opportunities and influencing deals that might be closed by someone else.
  • Expanded education, training and certification: VMware is introducing a complete virtualization training roadmap, PartnerPath, which includes a new free-of-charge online course called VMware Technical Sales Professional (VTSP) training. This course complements the free-of-charge VMware Sales Professional (VSP) training introduced in 2007. The new virtualization training framework includes a new Essential Training series to help partners get the most value from the VMware VIP Partner Program, a Business Builder series that provides a new set of enablement programs for building a successful VMware virtualization practice, and an online Partner Resource Library. The new training framework also delivers sales and technical certification courses, as well as training designed specifically for partner sales professionals and technical professionals. The VMware training roadmap enables partners to progress from virtualization novice to expert.
  • New marketing programs and tools: New and enhanced tools include an online e-marketing tool, template-based demand generation campaigns, content syndication, RSS feeds and enhancements to Partner Central, the VMware partner portal. These programs and tools help partners quickly build and maintain a successful virtualization practice and leverage the large, rapidly growing virtualization market opportunity. The VMware VIP Partner Program will also offer key sales and marketing tools in localized versions to better serve partner needs in a broader selection of geographies.

Rest of the press release here


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