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VMware ESX 3.5 still lacks essential toolkit-ecosystem

I did call David a few days back while I was testing his ESX DVD, which he sent out to me for a review, so we spoke for quite sometime and shared some ideas. A decent and soft spoken guy, David leads a team of IT admins and is happy doing what he does.

David has some important pointers around this. I have not tested VCB yet but according to him it is a bit too simple to put a VCB in your enterprise that has a handful of CLI to go with.

VDI and the supported offering VDM 2.0 is still a new offering, it is a new market and although I am a big fan of it myself and have tested the Silverstone beta (not extensively but well enough to configurev it and run it), I prefer to advice clients to be cautious about doing the "traditional math on pumping VMs on each box" before going for a typical set and end up buying hardware to pack it all in just a handful machines. Take enough room to house the VMs in your enterprise, watch out for the price tag and please don't ignore the price for operational affairs! When the deployment is done and the consultants have gone home, you need to justify a lot more things which I prefer to put under the umbrella of "Operational Excellence".

So why talk about Operational Excellence when all we want is to get started and have it ready. I'll tell you why I insist on operational excellence , when you thrive to offer a full 100% efficient service to your client, you will come closer to that operational acceptance, so if your goal is a mere operational acceptance, you're a slacker, I'm sorry to ay, but that's what it means.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI): VDI is a complex topic. With it, you have a broker that directs a thin client on your network to a dedicated virtual PC on your ESX Servers. The needed virtual desktop integration broker is not included in the VMware Infrastructure suite. Up until only recently has VMware had a VDI offering. Unfortunately, VMware's product and other third-party products I have seen for VDI are all very expensive at this time. Hopefully, in time, an open source or more cost effective VDI broker will emerge.

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