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AUSTIN, Texas—January 23, 2008— Surgient, the market leader in virtual labs that power solutions for software testing, training and evaluation, today announced that it has been awarded three new patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Reinforcing its technical leadership in the virtual lab management market, the three new patents cover technologies that enable Surgient customers to better allocate, manage and organize virtualized resources used to accelerate the software development and delivery lifecycle.

The three patented technologies are key components of the Surgient virtual lab management platform, providing organizations with enhanced efficiency for all software delivery processes. Specifically, the patented technologies help organizations better manage and coordinate the use of virtual labs across both their physical and virtual infrastructures, ensuring that IT resources are utilized to their fullest capacity.

“Since pioneering the virtual lab management market five years ago, Surgient has remained dedicated to growing its technical leadership position and developing new technologies that provide greater customer value,” said Tim Lucas, president and CEO, Surgient. “The patented technologies act as the underpinnings of a number of our virtual lab management capabilities, helping Surgient customers better manage their virtual labs to ensure greater productivity gains across the application lifecycle. We are very proud of our software development team and their continued ability to deliver unique technologies that deliver tremendous value to our customers.”

The three patents were awarded during the past year. The technologies covered by the patents were developed entirely by Surgient’s research and development team. The patents include:

· US Patent #6,990,666; “Near Online Server”Describes a method for providing fractional burst capacity in delivering virtual computing resources from a centralized, shared server resource pool.

· US Patent #7,257,584; “Server File Management”Describes a method for providing portability of virtual server “snapshots” across physical server hosts. One of the underpinnings of Surgient’s library management server, this patented technology provides greater flexibility when developing, managing and deploying virtual machine images.

· US Patent #7,287,186; “Shared Nothing Virtual Cluster”Describes a method for organizing virtual machine resources for rapid recovery, such as that required by advanced disaster recovery, reduced power consumption or business continuity scenarios. Enables virtual machines to dynamically move across physical hosts without requiring data to be moved or copied.

These patents, along with previously granted Surgient patents, reinforce the uniqueness of Surgient’s virtual lab management platform and associated applications, and its ability to deliver advanced manageability, scalability and flexibility in the use of virtualization in the enterprise IT environment.


  1. Wow, this just goes to show how little the government understands anything. Get a patent for copying files and a script.

    “Near Online Server” - I guess the next thing is the person who came up DIR will get a patent for near online file...

    This one is an oxymoron:
    "Enables virtual machines to dynamically MOVE across physical hosts without requiring data to be MOVE or copied." how is this even possible with a "Sshared Nothing Environment" do people actually read the applications before the patents are handed out?


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