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ClearCube releases a Vendor-lockless Sentral VDI Management tool!

Key Benefits include:

* Proven Technology: One of the most sophisticated connection
brokering and virtual machine lifecycle management solutions in the
industry, Sentral builds on five generations in production environments
to provide unique connection brokering features, including switching,
sparing, load balancing as well as support for 1:1 and 1:many connection
models. Delivered through its Virtualization Module, Sentral's VM
lifecycle management features VM pooling and automated hibernation. The
Dynamic Allocation Module manages all of the connection brokering tasks
through static or dynamic mappings of users and devices to blades and
virtual machines based on availability and utilization.
* A One Stop Shop: A single management console for virtual desktop
and centralized computing management, Sentral provides a single
management framework for centralized computing infrastructures. Beyond
its connection broker and VM management functionality, Sentral provides
system management features such as out-of- band management with support
for vPro(tm) technology through Intel AMT, inventory, health, alerting,
reporting, remote control, failover, software updates, thin client
management, security and other features required i an enterprise
environment. Sentral's dashboard keeps an IT manager informed of the
status of their environment at a glance by monitoring and reporting on
desktops, virtual machines, PC Blades or server hardware, thin clients,
and hypervisor hosts, such as ESX servers. To allow the administrator
deeper control, Sentral provides custom alerts, detailed audit reports,
and user session logs to give advanced health and usage information.
* A Complete Solution: Sentral provides a centralized desktop
computing solution for all kinds of desktop users from power users
needing access to a high quality, quad-monitor video experience, all the
way down to task workers hosted on a server with 20 other virtualized
* No Vendor Lock-down: Sentral provides cross-platform support for
hardware from all leading vendors and also provides vendor-agnostic
support for multiple virtualization technologies, ensuring the utmost
flexibility for a heterogeneous IT environment requiring integration
with existing technology investments.
Key Features include:

Connection Brokering
* Software based, administrator configurable, load balancing
* Policy-based management of connection requests
* User or device-based mapping to blades or virtual machines with
configurable administrator over-rides.
* Active Directory Integration for user-based mapping
* Multi-database support, including Microsoft SQL and MySQL(r)
(recently acquired by Sun(r))
* Variety of connection types:
- RDP for off-the-shelf thin clients
- Wyse(r) V10L and V90L (TCX Protocol)
- PCoIP(tm) for I9400 series products
- TDX Protocol-based thin clients

Virtualization Module
* Vendor agnostic capabilities compatible with VMware, Microsoft
and Xen products
* Pooling of VMs to manage power and resource consumption
* Power state management of VMs
* Deep ESX(tm) integration with support for VM registration,
querying of non-running VMs, inventory etc.
* Support for Microsoft(r) Hyper-V
* Xen

Sentral Console
* Centrally manage virtual desktops
* Manage thousands of nodes from a single console
* Delegate administrative access level and authority to different
organizational units
* Aggregate device health/utilization and session status into a
single dashboard view
* Audit and create detailed reports of management activities and
user sessions
* Group devices and users by type, location, or any other criteria
through Custom Views
* Custom alerts that trigger Console notifications, emails,
messages to 3rd party applications or self-healing actions
* Remotely control blades and access devices (Session Mirroring)
* Manage vPro-enabled systems with support for console redirection
and out-of-band management. These capabilities help reduce the cost of
discovering, managing and securing desktop PCs in the enterprise and
thereby improving compliance with corporate policies.
* Remotely BIOS update capabilities

Switching Module
* Virtual Machine, chassis and blade management includes
environmental sensors with active alerting
* Move any user to another VM in the event of a failure with Spare
Switching; supports unparalleled VM-to-Blade or Server, VM-to-VM and
Server or Blade-to-VM switches
* When running on ClearCube hardware, switch any user to any blade
in the chassis with 8x8 hardware switching
* Hardware control with Administrator Switching

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