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Opinions: "VMware Server 2 a disappointment"

4sysops is telling its experiences about poor VMware Server 2's web console

BTW: It is still a Beta though, and such input can be given to the VMware team as well so they can improve on it:

If you are regular reader of my blog, then you’d already know which of the new features really turned me off. Yes, it is VMware Infrastructure Web Access, the new Web-based management interface for VMware Server 2. I thought, Virtual Server’s admin console is the worst imaginable user interface, but VMware managed somehow to beat Microsoft here. At least, Microsoft recognized now that a Web browser is not really made for managing back-end apps. So they decided to give Hyper-V a real user interface.

VMware Server 2 ConsoleSo, what is so bad about this new user interface of VMware Server 2? First of all, it is sluggish as all web-interfaces (some of Google’s tools excluded). Second, do you really want to logon to a server using a console that is embedded in a browser window? VMware Server 1 has this nice autofit feature which automatically adjusts the screen resolution of the guest when you resize the console Window. It seems this is not possible anymore with VMware Server 2. At least I wasn’t able to find it and the documentation doesn’t contain the word “autofit”. I suppose, it is not that easy to program such a feature for a browser plug-in.

Read the whole story here.


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