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2008 acquisition predictions: Citrix, Virtual Iron and Parallels to be bought?

I don't really agree with that report. Acquisitions will come but I am not really sure if a company X will go for either of the party. I see Virtual Iron as the most attractive candidate. I don't see Citrix wanting to be acquired. Yes, I have mentioned in the past that IBM must make that move but I personally think that Citrix has to first work on its own acquisition of XenSource and also deliver some solid results with that acquisition. I still think the IBM stands a better chance of taking over Citrix and move aggresively into the x86 market.

Parallels too has a good market and "hoping"for an acquisition will not suddenly start raining dollars for the acquirers. They have a bigger challenge, they have to do something with it.

VMware is definitely going to benifit from such acquisitions, this will leave VMware as the sole contender in the Virtualization arena.

I think it is time to tap on the existing market and see which one comes closer to delivering a good solid alternative. Desperate attempt to grab a VMware competitor, just for the sake of fending off VMware may not really help in the long run.

There will be acquisitions but I not sure if Citrix is ready for it. Not yet...

The next company Springboard Research says is a target for acquisition in
2008 is Citrix Systems which has completed its recent acquisition of XenSource,
a virtual machine infrastructure provider, that puts the company squarely in
competition with VMware.
And finally, there is SWSoft, a company well known
among virtualisation aficionados, and responsible for the highly succesful
Parallels virtualisation software for Intel Macs. The company's Virtuozzo
software is also used on several hundred thousand servers, mostly by remote data
centers and hosting providers, according to CEO Serguei Beloussov.
best-known product is its Parallels desktop virtualization software, the
popularity of which exploded a year and a half ago after it became the first
software to allow Intel Mac owners to run Windows simultaneously with Mac OS X.
That and other versions of Parallels are used on more than 700,000 PCs,
Beloussov said.
The company has doubled its revenue every year for the past
eight years, and its head count doubled to 900 over the past year - and rather
than running development out of Silicon Valley, does it halfway around the world
in the frozen Siberian city of Novosibirsk.
But as the virtualization market
heats up, SWsoft wants to step out of the long shadow cast by its closest rival,

Link is here.


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