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Open Source Storage: see how BMC was forced to move from proprietery to open source storage

A quote from BMC blog:

How We Got Here (in a nutshell)

Digital created the best cluster software in the world, VAXCluster. Digital ported this to Tru64. Digital was sold to Compaq. Compaq continued Tru64 and TruCluster. We had a NAS appliance. We bought another. It failed and failed and failed, for over a year. We replaced that with the TruCluster. HP bought Compaq and killed the AlphaChip and Tru64 TruCluster future development. Our TruCluster aged, and we began to look at replacements. Two appliance vendors came in, were tested,
failed. Tru64 started to have issues with new NFS clients. We started our in-House
HA NAS testing based off our years of Tier II NAS
using Linux. Pant Pant Pant. Whew. Twenty plus years of history in one paragraph!

Before I give you the link, I'd like to point to you why an open source strategy will help you in the long run. I will be really concise this time, I promise.

  1. Proprietary world is only about making money, while Open Source is also about feeding the developerss' families.
  2. Acquisition of proprietary firms almost means death to your business, Steve's story is one of many million stories. The latest acquisition of EqualLogic also has clients worried and all they can do is hope.
  3. You are seeing a typical "Comsumerization in Corporate Environment" , don't bother about SMB, they are more leaner and "New and Emerging Trend" friendlier than others.
  4. Not only virtualization, but storage, networking is all heading towards a open source adoption, so if you don't have an open source strategy, you're out!

Anyways now I'll leave you to your thoughts and point you to the article.


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