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Financial markets remain turbulent ;Yahoo, VMware shares fall

Remember what I have been warning, we will experience several things in the coming 12 months, no long stories this time, I promise:
  • Global Economy Flattening Continues : The borders are being opened and developing countries are truly getting global. India and China are truly getting smarter. They are adapting faster than many analysts may have imagined. The fact that a Chinese official says that they don't want to keep too many dollars due to its devaluation, has a huge impact on the market. The fact that they are testing their emerging economic superpower status is a sign, which may have immediate affect on the stock market, that we are entering an age of multi-powered global economics. These activities will be affecting super economies in Housing, now banks and surely technology stocks will suffer too. Does that apply to all tech stocks?
  • Riding on Hero Tech Firms : Tech stocks like that of Salesforce, VMware, etc will sustain this bloodbath but for a lot of tech stocks the indirect hit that the markets are taking, will affect their survival. For once these special gung-ho tech stocks will display a visible disconnect between the dwindling markets (Housing, Banking, Mortgages, Oil etc) and emerging markets, which they, obviously, will be creating themselves. That again, does not necessarily mean that they may survive this turmoil, some will though, but they will surely be remembered as the pioneers of the "true innovation era". Many new upstarts, who may not be on every investors radars, have the potential of going for much wider, global, and horizontal markets that will account for an aggregated vertical growth which might overwhelm even bigger players.
  • Open Source Professional Aggressive Campaign: We are about to witness several things. Open Source is about to get not only more community but also investor backing. Open Source is not merely be on any CxO's agenda but they will also move towards the "open source adoption". This is also a result of several factors such as globalization, short LOB life-cylces and faster ROIs. Strategic planning within bigger firms are being accelrated due to much smaller "windows" than in the past. So we will not only witness open source getting robust and polished with good financial backing but also see the new requirements will lead to a default open source adoption owing to the changing dynamics such as consumerization of corporate market space.
OK, as I promised, no more stuff.

Sunnyvale’s Yahoo Inc. (YHOO) and Palo Alto’s VMWare Inc. (VMW) showed the biggest declines Wednesday among the local stocks followed by the Examiner. Both fell by more than 7.6 percent in value by the market’s close, with Yahoo ending at $27.63, and VMWare at $102.50.

At the other end of the spectrum, the biggest gainers as of 1:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time were Mountain View-based Verisign Inc. (VRSN), which went up by more than 1.4 percent, and Santa Clara-based Sun Microsystems Inc. (JAVA), which increased by more than 1.3 percent.
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Update: VMW stock is down to 89 as of 20:30 CET


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