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Electric Cloud Integrates with VMware Lab Manager to Deliver Virtualized Build and Test Automation

I promised the CEO, Mike Maciag, not to push this news ahead of time, so I've waited. This obviously is a great boost for the Lab Manager. We need provisioning to get more robust and streamlined. Electric Cloud just brought that to VMware's Lab Manager.

Here's the news:

Integrated products deliver easy, flexible, self-service environment for the software development tasks of build, test & deploy

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – November 7, 2007 -- Electric Cloud®, the leading provider of Software Production Management (SPM) solutions, today announced an integration with VMware Lab Manager. VMware is the leader in virtualization software. Electric Cloud's ElectricCommander™ will be integrated with VMware Lab Manager to deliver dynamically provisioned virtual machines for the software build-test-deploy process. VMware Lab Manager automatically sets up and manages virtual machines and infrastructure, while ElectricCommander automates the software development processes that run on them. The integrated solutions will deliver a “push button” environment for software build, test, and deploy tasks using heterogeneous tools in virtualized environments. This will translate to faster time to market, better software quality and higher productivity for development organizations as well as reduced IT infrastructure costs.

“In recent research, we found that organizations reported an average reduction in their development and testing costs by as much as 50 percent per project through the use of virtualized solutions such as VMware Lab Manager,” said Voke’s Theresa Lanowitz. “And our research in the area of software production management shows that productivity was increased by as much as 12 times when using software production management tools. The combined value of these solutions is dramatic – every development organization should be addressing virtualized software production in their lifecycle strategy.”

Dynamic Provisioning of Virtual Resources, Processes and Scripts

Electric Cloud's ElectricCommander is the industry's first enterprise-class solution for managing and automating the entire SPM process. The integration of ElectricCommander with VMware Lab Manager allows development organizations to easily provision virtual machine configurations across multiple operating systems and automatically run the build, test, and deploy processes that were previously manual, disconnected, and resource-inefficient. Using the two products together, software development organizations can easily go from running developer builds and functional tests to kicking off the entire software production process across multiple platforms on the same hardware.

VMware Lab Manager and ElectricCommander together create a "self-service" virtual lab that:

· Dramatically reduces server sprawl through consolidation

· Cuts the effort required to configure and run software build and test environments

· Improves quality through frequent testing on all target environments and configurations

· Reduces the provisioning burden on IT operations

“Our integration with VMware Lab Manager will help software development and IT teams harness the power of the virtual lab to save time and improve development productivity," said Mike Maciag, Electric Cloud CEO. "We have seen increasing demand from customers looking to take advantage of virtualization for software production. We’re pleased to leverage VMware technology to deliver this strategic, tightly-integrated solution.”

“Through integration with VMware Lab Manager, Electric Cloud offers a highly differentiated solution that delivers compounded automation benefits to customers,” said Dan Chu, Vice President of Emerging Markets at VMware. “The combined capabilities of ElectricCommander and VMware Lab Manager should not only reduce costs for software development organizations, but also accelerate time-to-delivery, which translates to significant competitive advantage.”

Electric Cloud will deliver the VMware Lab Manager integration as part of an ElectricCommander release available at the end of this year. For more information about ElectricCommander, please go to the Electric Cloud website at

About VMware Lab Manager

VMware Lab Manager is an image library management and automated provisioning system for use with VMware Infrastructure. With VMware Lab Manager, IT organizations achieve significant savings through dramatically reduced server, storage and provisioning costs wherever server configurations are needed by users on an intermittent basis including application development and testing, training, patch testing, software demos and evaluations, offshoring and hosting.

About Electric Cloud
Electric Cloud is the leading provider of software production management (SPM) solutions. Electric Cloud solutions automate, accelerate and analyze software build-test-deploy processes to optimize both physical and virtual IT environments. The company's patented and award-winning products help development organizations to speed time to market, boost developer productivity, and improve software quality. Leading companies across a variety of industries, including semiconductors, enterprise IT, ISVs, mobile devices, and transactional Web sites rely on Electric Cloud's Software Production Management solutions to transform software production from a liability to a competitive advantage. For customer inquiries please contact Electric Cloud at (650) 968-2950 or

Note to editors:

Learn more about this integration during one of our upcoming web seminars (

Nov. 29 – Software Quality Engineering (11:00am PST/2:00pm EST)

Dec. 5 – CM Crossroads (11:00am PST/2:00pm EST)

Dec. 6 – Info World (11:00am PST/2:00pm EST)

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