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Intel Virtualization Kit: More future predictions by IDG

Actually when I do a post of a prediction, which soometimes can avarage at least one per day (blogging is a very small part of it), I can get a bit weary of "other" predictions. But anyways here we go:

IDG says:

Virtualization will become pervasive and integral to server and operating
system design. In four to five years, we expect that virtualization will be as...

Me:Me: 2 years max! How? rapid development, hyperacquisitions will accelerate the pace.

There will continue to be revenue associated with virtualization layers.

Me: But there wil also be open source disruptors (backed by Sun and IBM, for instance) who will offer you the virtualization as a free commodity with "cheaper optios". So my take is: Revenue will start to decline by 2009 as more intelligent technologies and trends like "Fabric" will lead to more consolidation and packing. And don;t forget, the "Use and throw" business sentiment, that will catalyze the business agility, meaning: picking up a fully patched appliance, Linux, and then throwing it in a fee months as you move on to new line of business, will not really care about this revenue model. Obviously somewhere the cash has to be earned, so MS and others may better move into by acquiring a hardware vendor or two!

Virtualization will change the way offline systems are managed.

Me: Agreed, it is indeed cool.

Operating system mobility enables servers outside traditional IT
boundaries can be leveraged when needed.

Me: Yep. "Traditional IT" = dead, "Business Agile Data Center" to lead the change. But this is why the business leaders are, a bit late in my opinion, taking notice of virtualization.

Traditional IT vendors need to move into this hosting business.

VMware and Google are already teaming up for this scenario ;)

Thanks to virtualization, mobile employees will be able to leave behind
their hardware and take only software with them.

I've done it since 2001, can you imagine! OK no usb, but my thin laptop back then.

The rest of the predictions and all that can be downloaded here.


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