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Electric Cloud: Software development and automation with ElectricCommander

I just had a pleasant chat with the CEO, Mike Maciag and the VP Software Development and talked extensively about the product "Electric Commander". This is an excellent product and can offer a lot in terms of product development and automation. So what can it do for you?

ElectricCommander™ is an enterprise-class solution for software build management and build automation. It helps teams to make software build, package, test, and deployment tasks more repeatable, more visible, and more efficient.

At its core, ElectricCommander is a Web-based system for automating and managing the build and release process. It provides a scalable solution to some of the biggest challenges of managing these "back end" software development tasks, including:

  • Multiple, disconnected build and test systems across locations
  • Home-built systems that are brittle, error-prone, and don't scale
  • Slow overall build and release cycles

ElectricCommander tackles these problems with a three tier architecture, AJAX-powered Web interface, and first-of-its-kind build and release analytics capabilities for reporting and compliance. With this solution, your developers, release engineers, build managers, QA teams, and managers gain:

  • Faster cycle time and more efficient hardware utilization
  • Shared platform for disseminating best practices & reusing common procedures
  • Improved ability to support geographically distributed teams
  • Continuous integration and greater agility
  • Visibility/reporting for better project predictability

ElectricCommander is language- and build tool-independent, so you can leverage a single system across multiple teams and projects. ElectricCommander supports:

Languages Java, C, C++, .NET
Scripting Languages perl, Windows CMD, bourne shell, bash, Tcl, Python, MSH
Build Utilities Ant, NAnt, NMake, GNU Make, ClearMake, Maven
SCM Tools ClearCase, Perforce, Synergy, AccuRev

I was truly impressed with the capabilities that this product has! Check it out yourself.


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