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So are we looking for a AMD buyout?

I guess its Saturday and imaginations are flying. This L'Inq reporter thinks AMD can still save the ship. I didn't know that the ship was sinkin'!

Option 1 AMD continues as it is, comes out of the doldrums, creates internal $$$ to repay the mounting debt, and Hector Ruiz becomes the new Steve Jobs-like IT hero figure.

Option 2 IBM decides it is the time, and buys AMD as it is, lock stock and barrel. Benefits? It gains control of its own competitive X86 platform, with potential future socket compatibility with POWER7 for cross-platform shared infrastructure, sets up truly serious competition against Intel. Headaches? Well, what to do with the current management, and why should IBM bother repaying all those debts.

Option 3 Samsung comes in, figuring out it should continue where it stopped in 2001 after the Alphacide. Samsung did try to get into the worldwide 64 bit CPU market then with Alpha, and could do it now again with AMD. Will it happen? Hardly, in my mind - Uncle Sam might not look favourably to ceding the control of this technology to a Far Eastern company, and even if that hurdle is jumped, I could imagine a management revamp chaos worse than in the IBM case - the corporate cultures of these two are so different, and yes I know them both for years.

So, intel has done some work and spent billions of dollars onR&D and marketing, and kept pushing the press to get its opinion across the table. AMD was touted as the hero just a year back and now we're speculating a buyout. What has the world come to?

Y'know something, I need a beer and a swim ;)

If you're hooked on your PC, then you can muse with Nebojsa Novakovic.


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