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Security is everybody's baby; Virtualization can be confusing for admin roles

I think that is what virtualization is making us come to understand. It is bringing all those lonely admins on their lonely islands, together. It is definitely a big challenge for the management as the battle to manage you "own" environment is getting fiercer, al l admins ought to realize one thing:

"Stop making an ass of yourselves and start working together, your resume will be pumped up real good. Resisting is worthless!"

This was the Epiphany that Chris had, and he says it much better than I can:

This is when it occurred to me, that given the general roles and constituent responsibilities of the attendees, most of whom are not dedicated network or security folks, the disconnect between the "Leviathan Force" (the network and network security admins) and the "Sysadmins" (the server/VMM administrators) was little more than the mashup of a classic turf battle and differing security mindsets combined with a lack of network and information security-focused educational campaigning on the part of VMware.

The basic message is that system admins are not security professionals. They have a certain mentality, and that is the way they think. They are there to keep the systems running smoothly. The security people are there to tell them what steps to take to secure their systems, but security is more of a headache than a help most of the time. But you know what? Those system admins should be security professionals as well. That should be a bona fide part of their resume.

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