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Veeam configurator on its way!

Veeam Configurator integrates with and extends the capabilities of VMware VirtualCenter, maintaining and building on VirtualCenter’s centralized view and associated benefits, such as VirtualCenter partitioning to simultaneously configure all ESX Servers in a cluster. Veeam Configurator offers GUI-based centralized control over ESX settings and subsystems not accessible from the VirtualCenter interface, freeing administrators from reliance on the service console.

"The VMware ESX Server service console offers tremendous power for virtual server configuration," said Ratmir Timashev, president and CEO of Veeam Software. "Unfortunately, the console only allows you to configure one server at a time. In addition, for administrators who come from a Windows background, the open-source command line syntax takes time to research, learn, try and test. With this new product, we’ve done the learning and testing, so our customers can quickly configure multiple servers without having to become Linux experts."

Veeam Configurator 1.0 also comes with five built-in “Experts” that embody essential Veeam expertise in VI3 configuration. These pre-written modules automate key functions such as enabling or disabling root access, ensuring accurate time synchronization, reporting on the current patch level for ESX Servers, and more. Additional Experts will be created based on customer feedback and suggestions.

Check on their site for more info and the configurator is here.


Features and Benefits

Centralized control - Veeam Configurator uses VirtualCenter partitioning to simultaneously configure all ESX Servers for a cluster or datacenter.

VI3 integration - Veeam Configurator allows you to gain control over ESX settings and subsystems not accessible from the VirtualCenter interface.

GUI-based configuration management - With Veeam Configurator, you can quickly and easily manage ESX settings and subsystems without needing to become a Linux expert, freeing you from reliance on the service console.

Built-in ESX expertise - Veeam Configurator comes with a set of expert knowledge packs ("Experts") that eliminate the need to study the details of a specific ESX configuration parameter and offer a fully supported alternative to custom scripts.

Veeam Configurator 1.0 features the following Experts:

  • RootAccess Expert helps you enable or disable remote root access.
  • TimeSync Expert allows you to check, modify and apply the correct NTP configuration for all ESX Servers within your VI3 environment. Reports are provided in Excel format.
  • PatchLevel Expert helps you to report on the current patch level for every ESX Server in the VI3 or in the specified server group. Reports are provided in Excel format.
  • EsxDiag Expert reports on service console configuration, TCP and DNS settings, and checks which scheduled services failed to launch. It also checks NTP settings and shows you the time difference between a public NTP server and the host.
  • CustomScript Expert allows you to run a custom script for every ESX Server in the VI3, or in the specified server group, and see the execution results in a consolidated view.


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