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Is IT Dilbertized?

This is an interesting and yet painful phenomena. There are lesser and lesser IT undergrads and people are expecting IT to just flow like water and electricity. I have said it long ago, Virtualization will speed up the commoditization of IT. Most IT firms are already changing their tag lines and mantras. Soon IT will be managed by some poor bloke in Elbonia.

I don't think we can stop the commoditization but what we surely can do is to bring back the innovation.

I was speaking (yesterday) to a young dutch student from our University (born in Holland with Chinese origin). His folks sent him to China to learn Chinese, the culture and values. This kid had done IT and is not at all excited about how IT is treated in Holland. He was eager to go back to China to continue his studies as he "didn't like the drag here". This is playing massively in developed countries. IT has been pushed out and given to the cheapest bloke to manage.

IT isn't fun anymore, and while a lack of fun at work may not seem worth stopping the presses over, the long-term effects of depriving a field of appealing work may very likely look like this: Students are turning away from computer science at an alarming rate. There's a huge talent shortage across the entire field, and, in confidence, enterprise IT workers say they'd probably choose a different career path if they could go back and start over again.

Lots of my mates have stepped out of IT. And these guys were Java Architects, Consultants. Why? They were sick and tired of all those mergers and acquisitions.

Anyways read this interesting article at eWeek.


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