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Apple: Do you want the whole world to love you, get Virtualized then.

Well , its not about the users who might be Apple-worthy, its about time that Apple saw it being worthy for the consumers. I have wondered like OK Dell has been trying to push Linux stickers on their laptops but the Mac has been a rather robust OS to be sold on any Intel hardware.

Anyways, this is a wake-up call for Apple. Remember don't bank too much on that iPhone. Try other places. All places! And Virtualization and collaborating with market leaders like VMware will be a great place to jump into the market

  • But for a number of reasons, word of the benefits of Apple Inc. hardware -- and software -- on enterprise desktops is now spreading. That list of reasons includes:

  • Years of spyware, malware and virus headaches that affect Windows XP have pushed IT managers to scramble for new options they might not have considered in the past.
  • The learning curve and disparity of Linux distributions is too high for easy general office use.
  • Many corporate applications have been ported to W3-compliant Web services that are OS-agnostic.
  • The Mac platform has moved to Windows-compatible Intel chips, which are less expensive and more powerful than older PowerPC processors and make virtualization a viable alternative.
  • Mac enterprise administration has become more mainstream and interoperable with Active Directory, Microsoft's user and inventory LDAP database. Active Directory is the backbone of most corporate environments and can be tied to everything IT-related, including IP phones, facilities access and, of course, computer security. Because Macs work with Microsoft's directory, enterprise administrators can now more easily manage Macs alongside Windows machines.
  • Apple's consumer lineup is falling into the hands of business decision-makers and their families, and scoring well. What works well at home could do well at work.

Although this article does not mention much about Virtualization of OSX but its time that Apple pick up its surfboard and ride this wave. You don't wanna be late for that wave!

PS: Actually I want to talk about the new age of computing and why companies ought to understand that its not the 1,2,3, or 5 year windows that really matter but its those 6monthly windows that may have a solid impact on your earnings. Good and bad. Consumer today (me and you included) has short term aspirations. And enterprise IT isn't excluded either. CEOs are struggling to get their work force motivated and are in dire need of a magic formula. CIOs are under deep pressure to transform the visible dystopia to utopia. Virtualization is the magic formula. People have to look beyond the consolidation. Watch this next article by today or tomorrow here.


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