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VMware Server : Poor man's ESX Server?

Well you are not poor by having VMware Server, you just are not ready for the ESX Server yet. Well with that I mean that if you are seriously deploying VMware Server in your test, dev and staging environments (who isn't these days! My wife came to me telling me that her employer is also running VMware, I mean there are high schools experimenting with VMware. Some of them are even onto ESX Servers! Can't divulge anymore names, sorry)then the virtualization bug has bitten you. And its real sweet pain, the kind of pain you experience when you work out in a gym ;)

So, are you a poor man by deploying VMware Server instead of ESX. No way! You just are gearing up for virtualization. That is all. You will obviously taste the fruits of ESX Server , the premium flagship product of VMware. But just get started with the VMware Server. Do it on Windows , do it on Linux. Just do it!

So sometimes you will find it, other times it will find you. You two will meet at some crossroads, thats for sure!

And when you do fall in love , you sing tales like these...

Thanks to the cool networking features in VMWare, all my virtual systems can be on the local network (direct or NAT) or they can be on their very own private network. I can also mount iso images and have them act as a directly connected CDROM, making installs a snap.

See how this blogger discovered freedom!


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