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Virtualization: Rise of Consumerism!

When I thought about talking about Virtualization to schools, start-ups, entrepreneurs, seminars where people would look at me and say "huh!?", I honestly didn't have an intended strategy but what I did have a "conscientious strategic intent". So what do we mean by that?

It might seem ridiculous to talk about Virtualization to a unrelenting client who has a large customer base. At least a tired Channel Sales engineer would think so. Well selling a future to a large enterprise client by closing in and taking them to the corner is not exactly what they like. "Hey, I'm approached by large firms here, who d you think you are?" I know its hard! I have had some tough crowd (including my very own!) but the message was to do exactly the opposite!

I decided (including this blog) to talk to every and any consumer. When you look at the consumer market space, it doe not have to find its root or origin in a large enterprise. It does exist there, for sure. But its voice is heard all over the place except within the enterprise.

But if you look at the consumer, you'll find yourself in a huge sea of unmeasurable but endless possibilities. Mass commoditization is the mantra but achieving it or pushing it too hard too early is the danger. But the consumerism (people blogging, people deciding , people influencing the developments) is on the rise. Its a massive market space. Look at the mobile telephone market. Its huge. Apple wants to have 1% of that share and its already considered to be too ambitious by some. Anyways they have got the guts to go for it.

Well in the same way the SMB market is again a small and also unmeasurable market. There are so many shops out there. And are so unapproachable. If I trigger the virtualization into the SMB market, would my competitor grab it up after all the hard work I've done? Yes, that danger does exist. But the consumer is also a:
  • Grand parent
  • A college student
  • Car mechanic
  • just about anyone who has a computational need and has a computer at home!
Well, you get my idea, mass commoditization is the way to push virtualization deep, broad and all-directionally! This is a huge market and I can bet you that every household has more than one member who'd like to site behind the same computer, well set up virtual applications on that same PC. Watch out for my video where I'll give you an example of what a typical regular consumer can do to enhance the productivity in his/her own home with limited resources while keeping all appliances isolated.

Productivity and energy savings are not just limited to enterprise, and SMB. It also is for all of us. The consumer has spoken and we ought to start talking to one another!


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