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So Parallels wants its share of Windows and Linux too?

I have read a few reviews from other bloggers and users about Parallels. I saw lately that people were reviewing Parallels on Windows and Linux. Well this review did not fully take into account of the features that Parallel does not have as compared to the VMware workstation.

It's not the same thing as having a dedicated computer, however. The performance is slower since the whole machine is emulated in software. The speed of your guest operating systems will depend entirely on the speed of your host computer. It helps if the host computer is pretty powerful - especially if you want to run multiple guest OS's inside your regular OS.

The Workstation product sells for $49.99. Can a virtualization product be any good if it sells that cheap?? VMWare Workstation is at least 4 times as expensive. What features are missing? How's the performance? These and other questions were coming to mind as I signed up for the evaluation key and downloaded the binary.

Obviously the price is not everything. If you are a corporate user, then you need all kinds of features. And especially with VMware Workstation 6 (currently in beta!) , you are looking at some really advanced features. So decide for yourself.

And by the way, if you are a user at home wanting to try and learn Virtualization. Why don't you just take those FREE VMware Server and other freebies from VMware or FREE VirtualBox!

I personally test and deploy (including my Oracle RAC series on VMware on VMware Server. Why? Because its the same State-of-the-art GSX Server, if you may have forgotten! It allows me to test and build a highly configurable and complex clustered environment at ease! So if you are looking at a great and still free virtualization product, why not just try the best!

Bottom line is you either need to spend on something worthwhile or rather not spend and still get something worthwhile. What's it gonna be? Anyways read this post from Open Addict.


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