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Bloggers go ga-ga over Virtualization!

The reason that freedom and creativity are not yet the force behind server virtualization is because developers are currently dragging all of the baggage of the legacy world into their virtual machines. How popular would Second Life be if the first step in building an avatar was to do a full and exact body, social, and intellect scan of the player in order to project that exact image into the avatar? And all of the rules and environment of the game were exactly the same as the rules and environment of the physical world? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Second Life would be a colossal flop if these were the ground rules. It’s time that developers took charge of their applications in the virtual world and leave the constraints of the legacy server world at the threshold of the virtual environment.

More on Billy's musings.

Let's study these servers in greater detail. In a large enterprise, both systems play an important role. A typical deployment is to have 2 servers, one for each purpose. To ensure that they stay operational, redundancy options is a must but is expensive (see point 2). Instead of equipping 2 systems with redundancy options such as hotswap PSUs, large RAID 5/6 arrays, dual ethernet network links, etc, a VMWare solution can be proposed that can achieve all the above with 1 set of hardware, and still offer the same benefits as if 2 servers were used.

Read on for Chang's view on Virtualization.

My take: Nope, I like my real life. I do have an account in Second Life but it ain't as real as Virtualization. Virtualization is very persuasive and transformational. It is an opening to that worm hole you have been waiting for. If you are a big firm or a small upstart , you know that there is no time to start acting tough or too smart. It wil become ubiquitous, it will make a lot of non-ubiquitous technologies pervasive. It is the transformational Locomotive. You ought to ride it and co-operate to provide the (business) community what it deserves. Freedom. flexibility. Security. and it is so Green and Mommy Earth friendly!

That's all for today folks!

PS: I saw Mike Arrington's posting this satire on Second life. Really funny :-)


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