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VMware: A Classic from 2002

I'm a sucker of old nostalgic stuff. Just like that beautiful place in Japan (Kanokawa) which I visited in 1995. It always is such a pleasure to just run across some older versions and stories and visit the past (which held great promises of today, the future then).

This nice little explanation is one of those.

As for essence of imagination PC you expressed that there is the simultaneity. Other multiple boot technique never is not is quite the important function which cannot. When plural PC exist simultaneously, naturally as for exchanging the information of that PC that the problem which you say whether how it does happens. Because information interchange between each PC, it means that many of meaning of simultaneity are lost.

 If with VMware once it is the text data, it is possible to share between host OS, and each guest OS via the clipboard, but information interchange after all in earnest, probably there are no other things in network. Calling information interchange, because with special care plural PC can exist simultaneously, exceeding the dimension such as mere file sharing and data sharing, if you can verify network application and you can verify real client [sabashisutemu], how it probably is convenient.

While this might seem like "Hmmm..nice old times". I'm pretty sure many of you out there are running a lot older applications and OSs.( Heck, like I told you last, I found out myself of an old NT 4 sp5 servers running on a oldish PC in our production !, which was going to die quietly anytime). So get a free version of VMware and start testing today!

Read this nice article here (translated OR Japanese version)


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