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SPEC on Virtualization Benchmark

AS you can see that VMware is the only Virtualization vendor participating in the committee. The way I read it, its still in the beginning phase.

The group is investigating the use of heterogeneous workloads that are spread across multiple virtual machines on a single server. A key aspect will be defining a methodology to model the dynamic nature of customer workloads in this environment.

SPEC will use its current worldwide standard benchmarks as the basis for generating workloads that are typical of server use. The methods and metrics used by the benchmark will be defined as part of the working group's efforts.

SPEC expects that a wide range of computer server manufacturers, systems integrators, and virtualization software vendors will run the benchmark and report results. Data from running the benchmark tests is targeted for use by IT professionals and decision makers throughout the industry interested in using virtualization to reduce costs and ease IT infrastructure management.

Well Benchmarking is a really different ballgame. To reach an acceptable level of maturity (something like TPC), it will take quite sometime. SWsoft has called in the past of various benchmarking needs and by joining the bandwagon in this committee we , as users, hope to get some real results.

And I agree with Richard here...

How much more time? Probably years, said Richard Fichera, Hewlett-Packard director of blade system strategies, who in previous role as an analyst, worked with vendors attempting to develop the benchmark. "It's such a quagmire," he said. "It's going to be a long time before you see a 'TPC-v'."

Anyways , as Steve puts in, all this will help us achieve a really scalable and high performing Virtualization solution. I have posted some of the "alleged" tests/ benchmarks in my older blogposts but its time to move towards something really robust!

I still dream of doing a performance benchmarking of an Oracle RAC or some other load balanced cluster on VMware. Imagine, 4 quad-core boxes, 1 TB RAM, and 64 node Oracle RAC (sorry I'm stuck on the Oracle RAC until I find something equally attractive ;)). Won't that be awesome!

Here's a link to SPEC.


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