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So where should VMware go then?

Everyone is shouting that EMC should let go of VMware. El Register, ZDnet but this particular post of David Berlind seems to be rather straight forward. He, in fact, predicts that XenSource will overtake VMware! Lets see what he has to say here.

Long term, unless VMWare embraces the same fundamental (and open-source) paravirtualization technology that XenSource has embraced, my belief is that XenSource will eventually overtake VMWare in terms of marketshare (this may take a while due to the VMWare installed-base staying with VMWare, and in some cases, re-upping its licenses with VMWare thereby fueling continued revenues).

Unless? Well we don't know where Xen is going. A lot of vendors are building up their virtualization solution with Xen and otherwise. There are so many of them. Who
says that Xen will overtake VMware. This market place is getting too crowded already . And that will become (is already) plain VMware's advantage.

Today IBM, Microsoft are teaming up with Xen for a sole reason. They are just threatened by VMware's advances. I can't put any simpler than that. Oh yeah, sure VMware is "closed approach". Who says that every open approach is worth being dumped into any running production? It is very relieving to know that the AMD and Intel engineers (if they have anytime left from warring with each other, that is) will have all the freedom to work on the XenSource, but what about the customers? Do they really care about the cool intel or AMD intervention in their production environments. All they care is to do yet another major migration and as fast as possible.

Honestly , Virtualization today is being deployed all over the place. I really don't know if XenSource or VirtualBox or QEMU or "anyotheropensaucevirtualengineeringteam" will overtake VMware in the long run. Time will certainly tell where we'll be in the coming years.

First, let me state that if I was looking to virtualize a system, then today VMWare would be my choice. Particularly on the workstation front.

PS: There's more to it than just a workstation.

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